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Altona Parka Black Label And Kinley Parka Black Label


Altona Parka Black Label

Women's Altona Parka Black Label | Canada Goose

Functionality meets sophisticated style with our Altona Coat, making it the perfect choice for day-to-night warmth. Removeable, plush shearling lines the jacket’s exaggerated collar with lambskin leather backing.  Buttery leather accents heighten the overall textural impact of this A-line silhouette.



Kinley Parka Black Label

Women's Kinley Parka Black Label | Canada Goose

For above-knee coverage and superior protection in cold temperatures, the Kinley Parka is an ideal choice. Inspired by the rugged functionality of our coveted Kensington design, this newer version is updated with a cinched waist and a snorkel hood, holding essential warmth close to the body.